Monday, 10 June 2019

What Benefits You Can Expect Now from the SEO in Small Businesses

Search EngineOptimization (SEO), together with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is one of the most important areas in online marketing. Unlike search engine marketing, which is all about optimizing and managing Google Adwords ads, SEO aims to keep a website under relevant keywords (Keywords) within Google search as far as possible to bring forward and this way qualified or target group relevant visitors for the corresponding website: So visitors who search via Google for exactly the products and services offered on the respective company website become.
"Only" a website or an online shop in itself does not help much if these not permanently relevant visitors or customers are generated via search engine optimization. For this reason, SEO together with optimized web design represents  the most successful symbiosis for any company on the Internet.

What are the advantages of SEO?

In contrast to the "classic" marketing channels such as print media, outdoor advertising or TV, Google has an unprecedented and steadily increasing range throughout its history as an Internet search engine. In 2018, 12,500 million people worldwide already have it Month the search engine used - tendency strongly rising, whereby the search inquiries are often accompanied likewise with a concrete purchase intention of  the user.

This fact, together with a market share of over 94% makes Google by far the most effective channel of new customer acquisition ever, which is implemented with search engine optimization as an "associated tool".
  • Expressed colloquially, one could say SEO is by far the most effective method of permanently generating new, relevant prospects and potential customers for offering an Internet presence.
  •   Furthermore, the structure and functioning of the search engine compared to all other existing marketing channels have an immense advantage, by which the range is increased again:
  • Thus, the rankings of a (sustainable) search engine optimized website under specific keywords remain persistent within the Google search and generate from this point in the future continuously new, relevant prospects - while TV commercials, billboards or newspaper ads only at specific points over the respective (usually short) publication period and can even generate interested parties.
  • In addition, the optimization of relevant key terms that are tailored to the respective products and services, allows a much higher accuracy in reaching the relevant target group than is possible in most cases with "classic" marketing methods.

Looking at the search engine and your optimization concluded under the aspects of investment analysis, here thus generates an effect strong and sustainable performed search engine optimization under the "right" keywords over time a ROI , which steadily positive increases in relation to the time a unique feature of this marketing area.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO compared to SEM?

As mentioned before, search engine marketing is "only" about optimizing and managing Adwords ads. These are displayed up to four times directly at the beginning and at the end of each Google results page, and are marked as an ad (or, for example, you can also see Google Shopping results instead of AdWords).
The company creates an associated Adwords campaign and works with competitors to provide ad slots. If a user clicks on Google Search, it will pay a certain amount (PPC).Depending on the sector and competition, the prices depend on several cents up to more than 30 euros per click (for example in the field of outplacement consulting). When the budget is used up, ads will stop running.

The advantages of SEO compared to SEM:

The "normal" organic search results are perceived much more positively by visitors compared to flagged Adwords ads.A once-optimized ranking under one keyword will automatically persist in Google Search on a continuous basis, continually generating new traffic under that keyword.There is no cost if the visitor clicks on the corresponding entry within the Google search results. Once optimized, the comparable Adwords budget can be permanently saved.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Mobile-Friendly on Google: what it is and why it is important

The mobile-friendly label on Google is very important to optimize your website from the SEO point of view and to get many points within the SERP.

Mobile-Friendly on Google-what is it and why is it important

Some time ago it was not very important whether your website was optimized or not for mobile devices, this because years ago the Internet was simply used by the Computer and smartphones were not yet so widespread, but today this situation has been reversed, if you analyze the searches that brought visitors to your site were all carried out by mobile devices. An example is HD Dev itself, 97% of visitors to our website come from mobile devices, so if you want to increase your circle of loyal readers, it is very important to optimize your website for smartphones, tablets and iPods.

Within this guide the HD Dev team will explain to you what the mobile-friendly label is on Google and why it is so important.

What Is That

The mobile-friendly label is available in the Tool For Webmastersmade available by Google to make SEO and SERP optimization easier for website administrators. What is it for? This label is very important, because if a site is recognized for mobile-friendly, it gets many points within the SERP and when a user searches for an article or a guide, he will see under the title of your article the label of the mobile- friendly and this, being from a mobile device, will probably lead you to read your content.

Because It Is Important

The mobile-friendly label on Google is very important, as having a website that does not have this label is penalized within searches carried out by portable devices and who of us would never want to lose a potential customer? So it is Compulsory to have this label so as not to lose any visitor, but how is it possible to get mobile-friendlyoptimization on Google? To find the answers you can  read the below mentioned parts. Then again, you can also consult a good SEO Company, There  they will be providing you with all the answers you need to know regarding the whole process through which you can bring your company at the front.

How To Obtain The Label

To find out if your website is optimized for mobile versions, you just need to perform a small Test, in case you are positive, it is a good result for your site, otherwise, follows these small instructions to get the label of the mobile-friendly:

Your content must be clearly visible from mobile devices, that is, a user must not be forced to zoom the page to read what is written, avoid using flash players on your website, not all mobile devices support it, the web page must not have problems of horizontal scrolling; it must simply scroll up and down, there must not be many links within the same text line. These are the things that you need to be sure about.

SEO Techniques: Here Are The Ones That Work In 2019!

Have you created a very nice website on a graphic level, but that can't sell or generate qualified contacts and bring results in terms of turnover? Do you want to know the most effective SEO techniques of the moment? Are traditional SEO techniques not bringing enough potential customers to your site in 2018?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, know that in writing this article I thought of you and your business: below, the SEO techniques that have taken hold in 2019. This way you'll know about what to aim for to improve the positioning of your company's website and you can update or implement your means to reach thousands of new potential customers. Are you ready? Let's start!

Let's Start From The Beginning: What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization. As you will have been able to see for yourself, it is Google and Bing (i.e. the most used search engines in Italy) that decide which sites to include on the first page of search results - also called SERP. Surely you have wondered why your competitor is among the first results and your site is practically impossible to find on Google. Search engines, which are smarter than you can imagine, act through algorithms, which are based on different characteristics: in practice, the site must meet numerous requirements to obtain positioningas high as possible.

SEO Techniques: The Audit to Constantly Monitor Your Site

Let's start with a prerequisite: when your car does not start, the first thing you do is try to understand if the problem is attributable to the battery or the starter motor. From here, then, you decide how (and especially where!) to act. You have to do the same with your site, to understand if, indeed, the reason why you can't reach new potential customers is due to problems related to SEO optimization and above all, what you have to correct.If you take the help of then it is for sure that they will come up with the best options available now and that will prove perfect for your options now.

SEO Techniques: Amp to Have A "Mobile-First" Site

Did you know that in recent years there has been an incredible increase in mobile searches, to the detriment of PC searches? If not, we give you some numbers: according to recent statistics on global navigation trends, searches on Google via smartphone or tablet are 58%. Even more relevant are the data relating to Italy, where 62% of users mainly use mobile devices to navigate. To underline these statistics is the same Google, prince of search engines, which for some months now (thanks to the " Google-Mobile First Index) has revolutionized its way of presenting the results: the internet pages will follow a different process for the mobile version of the site.

SEO Techniques: Quality Images and Visual Navigation

Especially in recent years, images and videos are taking off. Users have less and less time to read and capture the message you want to convey: avoiding this effort with visual navigation can be an excellent solution. Keep in mind that your website, today, takes on the value of a "business card" that you distribute to thousands of visitors: would you ever offer them a business card without first having studied the quality of the elements? Here it is: right here lies the secret on the importance of the visual image within the site.